Salvation Mountain

the Art

    Leonard will be the first to tell you that heís not an artist. He almost blushes at any comparison. What he has  done however, that sets him apart, is to express his passion on a large scale in a way that has not been seen before. HeLeonard painting at Salvation Mountain sculpts his subjects out of adobe and then coats them with paint. The first few coats absorb into the dirt. If you have ever painted anything you know that if you put on too much paint, the paint will drip and run. Thatís what Leonard does Ė he puts on as much paint as he can. As a result, you will see drips everywhere on theFlowers at Salvation Mountain mountain. Thatís his style. I call it the "splooch" method. He blobs the paint on rather than paints it on. Much of the mountain has 10 to 15 coats of paint on it. Leonard doesnít worry too much about the drips because he knows that he will paint it over again. The more paint, the tougher it is.

This is Leonardís art Ė it is simple, true, and honest.



Love 1677v  God Is Love 1098  God Is Love 2149  God Is Love 2071


The Lord's Prayer 1077   John 3:16 1080   Jesus, I'm a Sinner 538   John 14:6 2532


Waterfall and Flowers 213   Pathway 216   Bluebirds 1073   Roses 1895


Balloon Museum 1057   Balloon Museum 1632   Leonard working 1770   Museum 2142


Salvation Mountain 1931   Salvation Mountain 1940   Salvation Mountain 1092   Salvation Mountain 1094

I have a couple thousand pictures of Salvation Mountain. If there is anything you would like to see, just let me know and I will try to oblige.  Contact Bob for information.


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