Salvation Mountain

...a replica of his partially inflated balloon (see his biography) of years back. It eventually will be his Salvation Support trees in the Salvation Mountain MuseumSalvation Mountain Balloon Museum Mountain museum. It is constructed like his "Hogan" using hay bales and adobe. It is so big however, that he has had to construct "trees" to help hold it up. Leonard continues to add more supports and more hay bales all covered with adobe all the while painting and repainting with bright colors that his visitors bring. It will be yet another, amazing, one-of-a-kind creation when completed.

Inside Salvation Mountain Museum

Sean at Salvation MountainThis is a view showing some
of the recently added detail
inside of the museum.

A year after the filming of
Into the Wild, Sean Penn
"just happened to be in the
area" and stopped by the mountain. Leonard holds
court just like always.